Top 8 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets in 2020 – Reviews

Top 8 Best Pool Skimmer Baskets in 2020 – Reviews

pool skimmer basket

A swimming pool without a skimmer basket is like a beautiful house without a convenience and waste basket. They both serve the same purpose!

Just the same way the convenience or toilet and the waste basket serves the purpose of collecting wastes and refuse from your house, is the same thing the skimmer basket does in your pool. The basket is housed by a pool skimmer as part of the pool’s filtration system and collects all sorts of debris such as leaves, toys, insects, oil, bugs, and any other waste materials that could cause any potential damage or harm to your pool filter and/or pool pump.

They come in different shapes and sizes depending on brands or models. As usual, it’s not always an easy task getting the best one for your pool if not properly guided and that’s exactly what our experts have just done for you. We’ve cracked all the hard nuts for you through our thorough research; and reviewed the Top 8 best Pool skimmer baskets in the market today.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Skimmer Baskets?

There are a few features to consider when buying a skimmer basket for your pool:

Quality | Durability

The quality of your basket is very important and it determines the durability. What kind of material is your skimmer basket made of? Find out before you actually grab one for your pool. Who wouldn’t want a long lasting skimmer basket or equipment?

The Price

The highest priced products are oftentimes not always the best. So many products descriptions are over exaggerated and some products even overpriced.

Also, note that high quality products are always priced very high but that doesn’t also mean that there aren’t cheap skimmer baskets of high-quality. Kindly work according to your budget and consider some tradeoffs if necessary.

Ease of Installation

Why would you want to go for a skimmer basket with so many complicated accessories when you could even get a better one with a very simple installation process? Too many cooks spoil the soup, they say!

Get a basket that fits into your pool’s skimmer very well. It will not only do its job perfectly well, it will also protects your filter and pump from potential damage. We strongly recommend you buy a basket that would be easy to install or attached to the skimmer.

UV Resistance

The sun’s ultra violet (UV) radiations during the hot summer does not only depletes your pool’s chlorine chemicals, it can also cause your skimmer basket to crack if made of very low quality off the shelf materials. Therefore, we recommend you get a skimmer basket that is made of UV resistant material that can lasts for a longer period of time.


Does your skimmer basket has a warranty? If no, how do you now trust it? In this competitive world, every good brands comes with warranties. Do not buy one without a warranty!

Top 8 Pool Skimmer Baskets Reviews in 2020

  1. 10-Pack of Pool Skimmer Socks: Perfect Savers for Skimmers, Filters, and Baskets – Top Pick


  • Comes in a value pack of 10
  • Compatible with many baskets
  • Easy to clean using a garden hose
  • High durability
  • Very effective


  • Need replacement after 4 to 8 weeks.

These 10-Pack of Pool Skimmer Socks are perfect savers for your Skimmers, Filters, and Baskets. They are made of special long-lasting elastic and nylon mesh and are able to gather all sorts of debris such as leaves, twigs, oil, pine needles, bugs, scum, hair, and so many other wastes. They also act as socks for algae in different types of pools and as well, prevents debris from blocking your pool’s filtration system.

With this skimmer socks, you are certain of adequate protection of debris from blocking or damaging any units in the entire filtration chain of your pool including the shaft seal, pump impeller, pool cartridge, and filter pump. The pack makes cleaning your swimming pool basket easier by using a garden hose and can even fits into almost all kinds of baskets.

The only downside to this pack of 10 is that, they need to be replaced after every 4 to 8 weeks on the average.

  • Hayward SPX1082CA – Best Pool Skimmer Basket for Hayward Automatic Skimmers
Hayward SPX1082CA


  • Easy to install.
  • Affordable
  • It’s very durable.
  • Fits: SP – 1082, 1083, 1084, 1085, 1086 skimmers
  • Large in size and weighty


  • Handle breaks easily.

Hayward skimmers are unique and if you have one in your pool, this SPX1082CA is the best replacement basket. The product fits specifically SP1086, SP1085, SP1084, SP1083, and SP1082 series of skimmers.

The basket is very large in size and weighty which prevents it from floating. It’s also compatible with other filters that match its measurement since not all skimmer baskets have the same shape or size. The basket is affordable and very efficient.

Though it has a flat handle that makes it easy to pull out of the basket, you might also make contact with debris while pulling it out. The handle is known to break easily as well.

  • Impresa Products 20-Pack of Pool Skimmer Socks – Perfect Savers for Skimmers, Baskets, and Filters


  • Compatible with most skimmer baskets
  • Protects pump impeller and shaft seal
  • Highly affordable.


  • Not ideal for chlorination

The Impresa Products 20-Pack is a perfect savers for Skimmers, Baskets, and Filters which are made from ultrafine and durable elastic nylon mesh. It’s able to collect unwanted wastes that are in your pool including hairs, oil, pine, leaves, twigs, pollen, bugs, needles, insects, and other debris. This means that your swimming pool’s filtration system is never compromised and always free of any clogging.

The Impresa product comes in a super value pack of 20 pool filter socks, which help to protect the shaft seal and pump impeller from getting clogged or damaged, thereby extending the life of your filtration system. Another feature of the basket is the quick-release, easy-to-empty design that allows you to twist and lift the basket out of the skimmer without it touching your hands. It makes cleaning of skimmer pool’s basket easier without much hassles.

It is ideal for replacing most skimmer baskets on the market today, including Pentair, Hayward, and Swimquip.

  • SkimDoctor 2.0 Skimmer Basket Attachment –Ideal for In-ground Pool


  • Works with most skimmer baskets.
  • Very easy to use
  • Attaches to the top of an existing skimmer.


  • Basket not included.

With the SkimDoctor 2.0 skimmer basket attachment, maintaining your swimming is made very easy, because you won’t need to clean your too often. The product creates a vortex over your pool filtration system to help skim your swimming pool 3X faster, giving you more time for other important tasks. In fact, the vortex wholly attracts pollen, leaves, dust, toys, and bugs straight into the basket, leaving less job for your vacuum cleaner.

This skimmer basket attachment made for In-Ground Pools, fits very well into Pentair, Hayward, and Other Skimmer Baskets without hassles, provided the skimmer matches its measurement. Another great feature is its easy-empty, quick-release design that only requires a simple twist and lift of the tube -the skimmer basket will be empty without dirt making contact with your hands. This product is a perfect replacement for most skimmer baskets in the market today.

  • Coopache 30-Pack of Pool Skimmer Socks – Used for Above-Ground and In-Ground Pools


  • Universal range of use.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.
  • Works effectively.


  • Delicate handle that breaks easily
  • Need replacement after 4 to 8 weeks.

The Coopache 30-Pack protects the shaft seal and pumps impeller from clogging or damage, thereby extending the lifespan of your swimming pool filtration system. These nylon filter socks are very easy to install, and affords you the ease of fixing and removing them. They helps to capture dust, pine needles, dog hair, leaves, little bugs, oil, and other debris.

The products are made from re-useable ultrafine mesh and durable elastic but needs to be replaced every 4 to 8 weeks after use. These products are universal and will fit any size and shape skimmer baskets, including Hayward, Swimquip, Pentair, and other major brands. They are recommended for both in-ground and above-ground pools.

  • Hestya 20-Pack Filter Savers Pool Skimmer Socks Nylon Pool Filter Socks for Skimmers and Baskets


  • Protect pool pumps
  • Make pool water cleaner
  • Fits most skimmer baskets


  • Need replacement after 4-8 weeks
  • Can’t be used while dissolving a chlorine tablet

The Hestya 20-Pack is made of long-lasting nylon materials with good flexibility, soft, and elastic; and helps to protect your pool filtration system. They are stretchable mesh filter socks of size 22 by 13 cm and can be stretched to fit most skimmers and baskets from other brands. Because of its stretching power, they can be used as quick replacements for your baskets filter socks.

These nylon filter socks are also very easy to install, and affords you the ease of fixing and removing them. They helps to capture dust, pine needles, dog hair, leaves, little bugs, oil, and other debris.

The socks also protects your pool pump from potential damage by picking up even the smallest floating particulate debris from your pool, thereby giving your pool a very clean clear water. They should be replaced in every 4 to 8 weeks for effective cleaning.

  • Pool Skimmer Socks 30-Pack, Filter Savers for Skimmers and Baskets. Fine Mesh Screen Sock Liner for Basket Filters


  • 30-Pack that last longer
  • Easy to use and install
  • Compatible with many other brands
  • Low maintenance needs.


  • Not durable.

This 30-pack is just ideal for protection of the pump impeller and shaft seal from potential damage, thereby extending the lifespan of the pool filtration system. It comes in pack of 30 socks that are very effective in capturing debris such as bugs, hair, pine needles, pollen, and so many others which are capable of blocking your pool’s filtration system. 

If you’re looking for a brand that can fits into some other leading brands, then this is just for you –It’s compatible with so many other baskets, filters, or skimmers available in the market today. They are very simple to install and can be reused if still in good condition, otherwise, replace after 4 to 8 weeks.

  • California Home Goods 20-Piece Swimming Pool Skimmer Socks Pack. Filter Savers for Baskets and Skimmers. Reusable Pool Filter Net. Fine Mesh Filter Screen Sock Liners.


  • Saves you repair and maintenance money
  • Traps all types of dirt
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


  • Not easy to clean.

The skimmer basket socks from California Home Goods are specially designed to extend the lifespan of your pool cartridge filter, and as such, saving you money that you would have used for repairs and replacement. The skimmer socks are equipped with ultrafine filter mesh net that traps all kinds of debris including hair, bugs, toys, and many others, so as to prevent them from passing through to harm your filter cartridge.

They’re designed to fit standard pool baskets and can be used and reused for several times. They are also very easy to use, you only need to slip the skimmer over a basket and you’re good to go. If you need to reuse, then use a garden hose to clean it upor better still, you replace if already soiled. They’re quite durable and highly recommended.

Important Facts about Cleaning the Skimmer and the Skimmer Basket

Why should I clean the skimmer and the basket?

This is like asking why should you wash your toilet or even clean your house at all. A toilet or a house that is not cleaned, stinks! So is your skimmer and the basket.

You would need to clean your skimmer and the basket as often as required so they could do their work efficiently – prevent debris from clogging or damaging your pool pump, cartridge filter, pump impeller, or shaft seal; and keep your pool water clean and clear. They need to ensure an efficient filtration process for your pool.

Basic Pool Skimmer Baskets FAQs

Q: How should I remove my skimmer basket?
A: You can easily remove the skimmer basket by opening its lid.

For In-ground pools – If the lid happens to be locked or screwed, all that is required is to unlock or unscrew it, grab it, and then lift it.

For Above-ground pools – All that is required is just to open, grab it, and then lift the lid.

Q: How often should I empty my skimmer basket?

A: There is no hardline rule here, it all depends on usage. However, we would recommend you inspect and empty your basket at least once in a week. Regular inspection and emptying it will extend its lifespan.

Q: What should I consider when buying a skimmer basket?
A: You should ensure that the skimmer basket you buy will fit your pool skimmer; and will also be easy to remove when emptying the trash.

Q: Can a pool work without a skimmer basket?
A: Yes, but at the detriment of your filter and pool pump. The pool filter system and the pump will need to be replaced most often, thereby costing you more money.

In Conclusion

A swimming pool without a skimmer basket is like a house without a toilet. You would have to do extra work to empty your bowels and keep the house clean. Imagine it on your own.

Pool skimmer baskets are available in many sizes and designs, for the sole purpose of collecting debris such as bugs, leaves, toys, among others, that finds their ways into your swimming pool. The best pool skimmer baskets can last for decades, and are made of durable plastic material. They should be affordable and easy to replace.

Have fun!

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