Top 5 Best Above-Ground Pool Pumps 2020 – Experts’ Reviews

Top 5 Best Above-Ground Pool Pumps 2020 – Experts’ Reviews

Basically, there’re only two types of pool pumps: Above-Ground and In-Ground. Our focus here will be on the Above-Ground Pools. But, the queasy questions on every pool owner’s head is how to identify the best pool pump for your above-ground swimming pool’? Simple, right? Don’t be too confident!

The heart of any above-ground pool is the pool’s pump. A good pump will not only circulate the pool’s water, but it will also push it through the pool’s filter, so the pool’s water remains crystal clear and safe. The same cannot be said of sub-standard pool pumps that would not only cost you a fortune but also your precious time.

Misleading products’ descriptions make things even more complicated when shopping for an efficient pool pump online but our expert’s reviews have got you covered to ensure that you get the maximum value for your money.

  1. Harris ProForce Above-Ground Pool Pump – Top Best
Harris ProForce 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump


  • Great durability
  • Great price
  • Minimal noise
  • High efficiency
  • Easy-clean filter basket
  • Meets all CSA and ETL requirements


  • No on/off switch

Unarguably, the Harris ProForce 1.5 HP Above-Ground Pool Pump is our all-time overall top best pool pump for above-ground swimming pools. It’s a heavy-duty corrosion-proof design with a stainless steel motor shaft that is reinforced with a thermoplastic body to offer extended durability. The pump has been engineered to provide high efficiency and minimal noise. This model is also highly energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about rising energy bills.

The pump’s filter basket is made very accessible and easy to clean, to give it an easy maintenance. Its inability to come with an on/off switch is a very costly oversight on the part of the manufacturers, otherwise, it’s highly recommended.

2. Hayward Power-Flo SPX1500P Pool Pump for Above-Ground Pools

Hayward Power-Flo SPX1500P Pool Pump


  • Great power
  • Great durability
  • Clear filter cover
  • Runs quietly
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance


  • Comparatively expensive

The SP1580X15 Power-Flo Pool Pump from Hayward is a very powerful and efficient pump that will ensure even and superior circulation of water in your pool. This product is made with a drip-proof and heat-resistant seal that allows it to operate for longer periods without breakdown. This 1.5-HP pump features a 1.5-inch intake and discharge and operates quietly (about 64 decibels). It is very easy to install unlike so many other brands.

The pump also has a clear filter cover which makes it possible to know when to clean it and a drain plug as well, to make for easy maintenance. The clear filter cover most often than not get stuck in and makes it difficult to get to the filter. This is quite embarrassing most especially during the summer heat period. The pump is a great buy notwithstanding.  

3. Intex Krystal Clear 16-inch Sand Filter Pool-Pump

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump 16-inch


  • Sand filter
  • Built-in 24-hr timer
  • Low-maintenance
  • 6-way flow valve


  • Quality control issues
  • Sometimes leaks sand

This Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump 16-inch is a great pump no doubt owing to its many powerful features. It’s designed to be used on pools with a water capacity between 5,500 and 19,600 gallons in size. This pump also has a built-in 24-hour timer that makes it easy to operate and even program to run even when you aren’t using the pool.

It also features a 6-way flow valve that can rinse, backwash, recirculate, drain, close the system, and a sand filter that’s able to clear your pool within a short time. However, the sand in the filter would need to be replaced every 5 years, while the filter basket requires cleaning on a regular basis.

Though the pump works great and very efficient, there are some reoccurring quality control issues with cracked plastic housing, presumably from over-tight screws and occasional leakages of sand filters which leaked sands into the pool.

4. Blue Wave Maxi NE6171B 1.5-HP Pump for Above-Ground Pools

Blue Wave NE6171B Maxi Pump for Above Ground Pools


  • Dual port design
  • Great price
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Quiet operations


  • Requires adapters
  • No on/off switch
  • No built-in timer

The Blue Wave NE6171B Maxi Pump for Above-Ground Pools is a high quality design at a very reasonable price. This1.5 HP model is corrosion-resistant and it’s made with a tough polymer material that allows it to withstand all types of different weather conditions. This model also features a dual-port design that allows it to be used for either horizontal or vertical discharges that fits just about any above-ground filter system. Its operation is very quiet and something to cherish.

The only reservations about this model is that it requires adapters to work with many other above-ground pools, which inadvertently adds to the overall cost. It does not also have an in-built timer and on/off switch. You have to manually plug it in and unplug it to put it on and off respectively.

5. Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Above-Ground Pool Pump

Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear


  • Replaceable Cartridge filters
  • Double insulated pump
  • Air release valve
  • Sediment flush valve
  • Automatic-timer
  • Great price


  • Varying durability
  • No fittings

The Intex 28633 Krystal Clear Pump is designed for above-ground pools and a 2,500GPH pump. It works perfectly well for pools up to 24-feet in diameter and powerfully circulates the water in your pool to keep it clean and crystal clear as the name suggest. It comes with an automatic timer that can be preset from 2 to 12 hours cycles and a double insulated pump with replaceable cartridge filters.

The pump also features a sediment flush valve and an air release valve for discharging air that’s been trapped in the filter’s chamber. It also includes a Hydro Aeration Technology inlet fitting. The pump is very easy to install and available at the best valued price.

Though the pump is effective and at a great price, it has an integrity problem – different component parts with varying degrees of durability. It also costs extra to acquire the fittings to connect it to your pool if you’re not replacing an old pump. The pump works great!


  • Pump Speed: The single speed pump is recommended for the average backyard pools.  It runs directly on either 220 or 120 standard voltage and already set to high by default – it has no energy economy. A dual-speed pump has an option to set it to either low or high-speed operation mode. These are recommended for medium size pools. Variable speed pool pumps are useful for large swimming pools with options to set the speed to match the needs of your pool – saves money on your electricity bills
  • Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is very important to reduce the overall cost of running your pool. Do not prioritize smaller HP and cheaper materials as options for energy savings, rather options like thicker walls and better seals are better energy savers
  • Size of Pump: Do not purchase a much more powerful pump for a smaller or average backyard pool; this will save you money on electricity bills and as well filter your pool water properly. A very power pump for smaller pools will filter the pool water too fast without sanitizing it. As a rule of thumb: if your above-ground pool is up to 24-feet in diameter, a 1HP pump would be just fine, and above 24-feet would require a 1.5HP pump.
  • Maintenance: You got too choose a pool pump that is easy to use and easy to maintain or repair. The size of the basket and skimmer for trapping dirt and debris before it get to the filter is important if you have a lot of trees near your pool – see through cover is an important consideration here. 

In Conclusion

Though all 5 experts’ reviewed above-ground pool pumps works great, and carefully selected, our topmost remains the Harris ProForce 1.5 HP Above-Ground Pool Pump. The pump is simply amazing with all its wonderful features.  

We can confidently pick the Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo Pool Pump as the next because of its great power, easy installation, and quiet operations. But for the reoccurring quality control issues with the Intex Krystal Clear 16-inch Sand Filter Pump the pump is good enough to be ranked higher. The Blue Wave Maxi NE6171B 1.5-HP Pump andthe Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter for Above-Ground Pools all works great and very powerful.

We hope we’ve helped you to find the right pump for your above-ground swimming pools with this well researched article.

Have fun!

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